Problem Solving Environments

Until the project expands some more, most of the info is under the CECAAD links -- check there!

DCS 3/1/99

Welcome to the PARL lab Problem Solving Environments web page. This page (which is under some serious construction at the moment) contains information about a number of environments projects here at Clemson.
The fundamental project, upon which all the others are based, is , the Clemson Environment for Computer Aided Applicaton Design. CECAAD tries to identify common elements needed for the construction of problem solving environments. CECAAD is not an environment in and of itself, but rather a toolkit for creating environments. More informations on CECAAD can be found by clicking on either of the Logos below.
Several environment projects are ongoing here which use the CECAAD infrastructure, and support other research here in the PARL lab and for other users of our systems. These include the RCADE (Reconfigurable Computing Application Design Environment), which seeks to make designing hardware for FPGA-based reconfigurable computing platforms as simple as writing software, and the CECAAD Parallel Programming Environment (Acronym pending :). Links to more info on all of these are found (or will sone be found) below.
Click here to read about the Motivation for the environments projects. .