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Joshua Hughes
j/\i/\h/\u/\g/\h/\e (without the slashes)
ECE 272 - Assembly Programming Laboratory
Students learn concepts of computer organization by writing simple assembly language programs using AT&T syntax assembly under Linux.
ECE 329 - Computer System Structures
Students learn to program common computer operating system structures, debug code, and write technical documentation.
ECE 493 - Algorithms and Data Structures Laboratory
Students study and implement common algorithms and data structures.

The Undergraduate Linux Laboratory (ullab) spans 3 rooms in Riggs Hall. The main facilities are in room 321. Other rooms are 217 and the small room to the left of 217.

Riggs 321 is mainly used for the assembly language programming laboratory, ECE 272. Access to the ullab rooms on the 2nd floor require keypad entry. These rooms contain additional equipment and if you need access to these rooms you will be given the keypad code by the professor teaching the class that requires that access.

Students using machines in Riggs 217 must give priority to other students that require the special hardware available only in this room. Students using any of the ullab machines (locally) must vacate the room if / when a scheduled laboratory takes place. If the TA allows you to stay that is a decision for them to make.

The ullab machines on the 2nd floor of Riggs have VMWARE, a linux program which lets users run other operating systems (Windows, in particular) inside of a window. Students needing to use this software will be instructed on its use by either their TA or instructor. These machines do not have hostnames and are, therefore, more difficult to login to remotely. This is to prevent (in a simple way) users from tying up cycles on these more priveledged machines.

Remote access to the laboratory is described on this page. Users will login to '' - a single point of entry machine. Users will then be able to login to other machines in the 3rd floor laboratory (Riggs 321) by shelling (ssh) to them. A message describing how to do this is available on login to the machine.