Project Team
Nathan DeBardeleben
Project Advisor and Coordinator
Dr. Walter Ligon

CERSe - Component-based Environment for Remote Sensing

This project involves construction, maintenance, and utilization of a small (8 node) Beowulf cluster.  The 8 node Beowulf is housed in the PARL (Parallel Architecture Research Laboratory) in the Fluor Daniel Engineering Innovation at Clemson University. We have many Beowulf clusters in the lab. See the main PARL web page for information on what they do.
  WebWulf is part of the RAC project sponsored by NASA. The cluster is used to parallelize satellite telemetry applications and was at one point used to provide the web user a manner of interacting with the cluster to perform requested operations. We may one day restart this project.
  Some operations the user was able to do were:

Each of these were performed on datasets ranging over periods perhaps as large as a year and can be used to make MPEGs or composite images. CERSe is the software package designed as the main vehicle for this. Follow the link above for more information.