Enhanced Northern Hemisphere GOES Satellite Image

Select a region from the image seen in the applet by clicking the left mouse button and dragging it to form a box. This box will then be the region which can be zoomed in a certain magnitude.

Select a magnification level next. If you try to zoom more than once, you will likely notice that your browser loads up the same image. This is because the browser realizes that the filename has not changed and does not bother to check if the file date has been modified (dumb browsers). You can fix this by clearing your cache (check preferences) or simply closing the browser and coming back in. Sorry for the inconvenience but this is a work in progress which I feel people would like to benefit from during its production.

After you have selected magnification, click on Evaluate. This will report the size of the zoomed in image. Note its dimensions and realize that if you select a very large area to zoom into, the final image may take a while to generate, download, or even to display with your video cards RAM.

Finally, once you are satisfied with the image size, click on Magnify and after a few seconds the zoomed in image will appear in a new window. Remember to clear your browser cache before you zoom again.

One last thing, the scaling (magnifying) procedure is rather resource intensive and takes a while, about 3 minutes on an image of this size (the image is really 13852 pixels by 7312 pixels (101 megabytes) which is far too big to display on any monitor). Because I have not written it to yet be in parallel it is rather slow, just sick back and wait for it to finish. ENJOY!

You need a browser that supports Java before you can use this resource.