Dan Discovers Donuts Bigger than his Head in Rome, Leaves US Permanently

ummmm, doooooooonnuuuuuuttt

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Personal Info

Hi, you've reached Dan Stanzione's Home Page.
I am currently on leave from Clemson University, where I served as an Assistant Professor and Research Scientist in the Holcombe Department of Electrical and Computer engineering, in association with the Parallel Architecture Research Lab. and the Center for Advanced Engineering of Films and Fibers

****Since I'm gone this year, most of this page will be out of date***

In addition to teaching and research, I am(was) responsible for Clemson's Computational Mini-Grid Supercomputing Facility , for which I oversaw the design and installation.

Currently, I am serving as a AAAS/NSF Science and Technology Policy Fellow in the Division of Graduate Education at the National Science Foundation, where I'm co-chairing a national workshop on Graduate Student Support , and am developing and managing a new NSF-Navy collaborative program (TBA 4/15/04). I'm also involved with the IGERT program, NSF's premiere, $60M program in interdisciplinary traineeships, the GK-12 program, and the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship program. I also handle a number of graduate education policy issues, and serve as a division representative on the Cyber Learning Working Group, and the Postdoc Working Group.

Course Stuff

ECE 201
ECE 202 (Old)
Engr 120 (Old)
ECE 329, and the senior elective in computer security ECE 449.

Adresses and Numbers
Research interests

Major research projects I have worked/am working on at Clemson

Mini-Grid Scheduling Project
Problem Solving Environments
Computational Electromagnetics
Clemson Dedicated Cluster Parallel Computer

More Research Stuff

Mini-Grid Scheduling Project, a current active research project.

CECAAD Bug report page

 and for people writing agents the 

ADF Agent interface page

If you're looking for more info on CECAAD, the environment for generating environments, look here.
For more info on the whole PSE project, check here
Here's a few snapshots of my boat, the "DCS Pinafore". It's probably one of the reasons I don't get anything done around here.