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Course Syllabus (Spring '02 )

Lab Home Page (New!)

Digital Works Stuff:

Download Digital Works Software

(Self-extracting version works under Win3.1 and up(95,NT), and Linux under WINE)

Download Digital Works (Zip file for Win95 and better (including Linux! )

Digital Works Homepage

Digital Works Macro for 7447 Chip (Use with lab 3)

Digital Works Macro for 7447 Chip (in zip file!)

Review Sheets:

Review For Test 1

Review For Test 2

Review For Final

Test Solutions

Problems from some old "test 1"'s.

Here are the answers to the problems above.

Solution to first test

PDF version

Solution to Second test (SPRING 03)

PDF version

Old test problems for test2.

Answers to above

A Practice test for "test 3"

Solution to practice test three

Notes and Handouts:


Cache Memory project for Lab (Due week of 11/13)

New Lab experiment (Use week of 9/25)

Notes on lab 7

Circuit for Lab 10 (For those of you doing lab 10). --!>

Digital Works:

Digital Works Intro Document

Sequential Circuit example and instructions for Digital Works

Class Stuff:

Notes on Complement Arithmetic

Notes on Minterms, Maxterms, Canonical and Standard Forms

Notes on transistors, integrated circuits, and logic families.

Code Conversion Example

Notes on ROMs

Notes on Possible Forms of an equation from a K-map

Flip Flop Timing Homework Page1 Page 2

Extra Chapter 2 Homework Problems

State Diagram Homework

Sequential Analysis slides from class (PDF)

Notes on Design with unused states, setup and hold time

Homework Solutions

NEW BOOK Chapter 1 Solutions

Chapter 2 solutions
Chapter 3 solutions
Additional Chapter 3 solutions
Chapter 4 solutions

The solutions below are for BOTH books. The problem numbers given in the key are for the old book. Problem numbers correspond as follows:
Old Book #	New Book #
6-6			5-6
6-9			5-8
6-22			5-19
6-23			5-20
More Chap.6

Solution to timing diagram problems

Solution to state diagram homework