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[Update: 08/04/2006]
Well, I've moved on from ESD and am now at OPNET. A fellow PARL Research who works for OPNET refered me. I enjoyed working with all the folks at ESD but I think OPNET is a better opportunity, the work is somewhat related to my PARL reasearch and is what I'm interested in.

I've defended my thesis on April 14th, 2005 and the result of this defense was that my committee decided to pass me. I will be graduating on May 13, 2005 and then moving up to MD to work for ESD (Embedded Systems Design). Thanks for everyone that has made my graduate studies successful.
I am a graduate student at Clemson University studying Computer Engineering with emphasis in System Level Architecture.  
I received my undergraduate degree for Computer Engineering at Clemson University in May of 2002.

 I am pursuing an advanced degree for the following reasons
1.  To increase my knowledge and expertise in a specific area of Computer Engineering
2.  To assert the skills I acquired in a research rich environment
3.  To increase the fellowship of persons in my Field

Update[2/20/2004]: I have implemented sorting. So the list of events is sorted based on fire_time. DES is currently using Insertion sort. I know its O(n^2) but its an easy algorithm to implement. The cool thing is that plugging in new sort algorithms is easy. Just extend Sort.java and you have it.

A discrete event simulator I built in about an hour. Its in Java and its basically a test to see if I should use an already built simulator or if I should just do it myself. So far this is very basic, but I think it will do the job.
I am working on Redundancy for the PVFS called BNR (Beowulf Network Redundancy)
I am currently developing/implementing a Fault Tolerant API for the PVFS.
FT Test Suite
This document attempts to prove verification of the implementation of the FT API
System Interface Test Suite
This document attempts to prove verification of the implementation of the System Interface for PVFS2
The Emergancy Management System for the PVFS is a new concept system that automates fault tolerance and redundancy utilizing the BNR and FT packages.
A Java implementation for PVFS
Continuously in the State of Transmutation
IRiverGUI A File System Browser designed to work with irregular file systems such as mp3 players and even parallel file systems
A digital video recording program for the GNU/Linux OS similar to the TiVo except for the PC.
A MMRPG/FPS that several of my friends and I are currently working on in Java.

Check out Evaluating Java for Game Development for some compelling reasons for
choosing Java
For my Undergraduate Senior Research project my colleague Armond Honore and I designed and built a Self Ordering System modeled for the fast food environment.  DOG = Dynamic Ordering GUI
PVFS V2 Video
A 3D video representing the flow of data for a read operation for PVFS V2.
Only a Few classes that I have web-pages for.
For information regarding my personal life (if there is such a thing for a graduate student)

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